1. God asked us to make one day holy.
2. Jesus gave us the gift of himself.
3. We need to be part of a community.
4. God has a special message for us.
5. We need to talk to God.
6. People need our prayers.
7. We stand up for what we believe.
8. We know we make mistakes.
9. We need ritual in our lives.
10. We need to experience something bigger than

When we go to Mass, we share in the death and resurrection
of Jesus. When we offer our ordinary lives to God through
Jesus, we enter into God’s great plan for the world. We are
strengthened by the Eucharist and sent out into the world to
bring the Gospel message to all people. The Mass gives
meaning and purpose to our lives. It gives us a sense of
destiny and offers us the kind of peace that the world cannot
give. It helps us develop a sense of wonder and awe. It helps
us to see that there is something bigger than ourselves.