Shepherds of Bethlehem

Give a Gift of Hope

Since the year 2000, Bethlehem has been getting worse due to the unstable political situation causing poverty among Christians still living in the Holy Land. People have turned to rely heavily on the Olive Wood Business and it is now the main income of many Bethlehem families.

What once was a heavy tourist area is not anymore due to fear. So now we must travel to keep our income afloat.

Because of that OUR MISSION is to help preserve Bethlehem as a Christian city and keep our families from fleeing the Holy Land.

The revenue generated helps to restore justice to an oppressed Palestinian Christian minority, supports over 300 families of skilled carvers and helps in keeping a Christian presence in the Holy Land.

Shepherds of Bethlehem will display their carvings after the scheduled Masses on November 4th and 5th. Your purchase, however small or big, will be an act of social justice as well as provide an opportunity to own or give as gifts original folk art from Bethlehem.


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