Religious Education

Welcome to the St. Isaac Jogues Religious Education Program

The goal of our program, in a collaborative effort with you, is to help foster each student’s growth in personal holiness through his relationship with God. We thank you for allowing us to work with you in the formation of your child’s faith. Our Religious Education Program includes the participation of our Clergy and approximately forty Catechists and Aides, all volunteers, dedicated to advancing the spiritual, intellectual, emotional and social development of our children.

Included in this section is information relating to our program.  We would be pleased to speak with you and answer any questions you may have.
God bless you!

Louis M. Valenti, M. Div.
Director of Religious Education, St. Isaac Jogues Parish
Contact: 610-687-3366

Aim at heaven and you will get earth thrown in.

-C.S. Lewis

Religious Education Philosophy

St. Isaac Jogues Parish is committed to the religious education of all as taught by Jesus Christ. Through both the message of salvation as established in the teaching of the Church and the adult community, we endeavor to lead all into living productive and purposeful lives.

The religious educational program strives to prepare children to assume their rightful place in society through personal sanctification based on Christian values. This program fosters the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and social development of each child. The religious education program of St. Isaac Jogues Parish is obligated to contribute in its own way to the realization of the three-fold purpose within the total educational ministry: proclaim the Gospel message, develop a faith community, and render service to the People of God.

Our religious educational program proclaims the Gospel message and translates this proclamation into action. This Catholic message is transmitted through volunteer teachers who strive to follow the example of Christ, the Master Teacher.

The message is extended further through the practical lived-out expression of the truths and values within the live of the members of the parish community.

It is our aim to provide experiences through active participation in liturgy and prayer that will develop children who are wise in their faith and committed to service both to their faith and social communities. The child celebrates his/her relationship with God and with the community through the sacramental life of the Church. Parents, as well as volunteer teachers, are involved in preparing the children for the sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist, and Confirmation. These celebrations bind us all together as a faith community.

The purpose of the Religious Education Program here at St. Isaac Jogues Parish is to provide children with an environment that will foster growth and participation in the teaching and practices of Jesus Christ.

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