Pastoral Council Voting

Please remember to turn in your yellow envelopes with the names of your 3 choices for Pastoral Council by Noon on Thursday, May 31st.  Lists of the nominees and information are below and at the Church entrances.  They are lists not ballots, please use your envelopes.


Mary Anne Blackburn

Michael DiNatale

Chuck Harvath

Ellen Hendrickson

Rosemarie Holck

Karen Kerchusky

Loretta McLaughlin

Frank Schlupp

Maureen Scott

Terry Scott

Maria Toole

Lauriel Wisely

We currently have 3 openings on Pastoral Council.  Please vote for 3 candidates who you think would be a valuable addition to the council with the yellow envelope provided in your May Offertory set by May 31, 2018.

A Parish Pastoral Council fosters participation of the entire parish in the life and mission of the Church. The Council as a consultative body advises and assists the Pastor in areas of pastoral concern. It develops and recommends parish pastoral plans through consensus in an atmosphere of prayerful reflection. The Pastor of the parish is the chairperson. Members of the Pastoral Council are to be representative of the entire parish recognizing and reflecting the parish’s diversity. The Pastoral Council collaborates and cooperates with parish staff, committees, groups and parishioners.