Letter from Father Moerman

Dear Parishioners:

As most of you know, this is the time of year when I share my annual overview of our Parish’s operating results for the fiscal year recently ended.  Let me begin by thanking all parishioners for your continued support of St. Isaac Jogues, and of me personally.  Your participation and commitment make everything possible.

The attached exhibit summarizes our fiscal results for the year ended June 30, 2017.  During the year, parish operations generated a surplus of $77,508 on revenues of $788,237.  This represents our sixth consecutive year of producing operating surpluses.  As indicated in last year’s letter, fiscal 2017 would be our first year freed of the need to make additional assessment payments to the Archdiocese, since we had finally extinguished the last of our inherited debt.  By meeting our commitment to the Archdiocese through a multi-year debt retirement plan culminating in that final June 2016 payment, we both extinguished our debt and “cleared the decks” for the future.

Total parish revenues of $788,237 represented a decrease of 2% from the prior year’s level.  Some of this decrease had to do with the timing of our biennial Confirmation cycle as well as to the existence of a single, large one-time gift received in 2016, not duplicated in 2017.  I believe it is more meaningful to focus on trends in regular collections, by far the largest and most vital component of parish revenues.

Parish collections grew by 1% to $733,650 during the year, a solid result in view of the fact that 2017 included one fewer regular collection than 2016, due to Christmas 2017 falling on Sunday.  My thanks to all who faithfully support our Parish and special thanks to those who continue to prayerfully consider annual increases in their level of support, as their means allow.  I would also remind you that Parish Giving, the web-based donation tool, has proven helpful to parish and parishioners alike and I encourage you to consider enrolling if you have not already done so.  More information can be found at the “Giving” tab of our parish website, stisaac.org.

As I signaled in last year’s letter, we have continued to invest in necessary improvements to the Parish’s physical plant.  During the year, we completed the replacement of our aging church boiler and, as promised, have installed beautiful new church entry doors.  Together, these improvements enhance the comfort and beauty of our church, now and for years to come.

Our Capital Improvement Fund has been significantly depleted by the recent slate of projects.  An evaluation of the estimated future financial demands associated with our existing physical plant is underway.  Once this evaluation is complete, I will be working with the Finance Committee to evaluate the feasibility of making further improvements, and how they might best be funded.  If feasible, in anticipation of our 50th anniversary I would like to focus on improvements to our church’s interior designed to create a warmer, more inviting worship space for St. Isaac’s next fifty years.  More to come.

St. Isaac Jogues Parish has witnessed significant progress over the past six years.  It is our intention to build on that momentum going forward, maintaining and growing both our spiritual vitality and financial independence.  With your help, I expect to see our Parish do just that.

With thanks for your involvement and support,

Rev. Stephen A. Moerman



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