Adult Religious Education

Description: Adult religious education has as its goal to help the faith of adults become “living, conscious and active,” through the light of instruction. It takes place within the context of the faith community and allows for active participation while employing diverse methods suitable to the adult learning process.

Adult Catechism
This program offers an informal opportunity for study and discussion of Roman Catholic doctrine as found in the “Catechism of the Catholic Church.”

Catholic Apologetics 101
This curriculum includes discussion and study of topics of our Catholic Faith in order that we may explain them to family and friends, and explain and defend them from critics of the Church.

Church History
The course provides an overview of the two thousand year history of the Roman Catholic Church.

Lenten Programs
Programs designed to lead us to a fuller understanding, and growth in faith, during this holy time of the year.

Scripture Study
The study of scripture offers an informal forum to learn and discuss the Sacred Scriptures as translated in the Ignatius Study bible.

Way of Christ Program
The program seeks to catechize:

  1. Those who have responded to the call of the Holy Spirit-“Sacrament of Initiation”
  2. Those who seek to be Baptized, Confirmed and receive the Holy Eucharist “Full Communion”
  3. Those non-practicing Catholics who desire to return to active participation “Return to Active Participation”

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